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Everyone has the right to a life free from fear, threat and violence

Rules of the Women's Shelter

People of different nationalities, religions and life experiences live together in the women's and children's shelter. The residents and children are expected to show mutual respect and consideration towards each other.

The women's shelter is a non-violent space. All residents and their children are forbidden to use/ or threaten violence against each other.

For security reasons, the location and address of the shelter must be kept secret.

It is forbidden to receive visitors at or in the house.

Audio and video recordings in the house are prohibited.

Smoking is not allowed in the house.

Pets are not allowed.

It is forbidden to pass on information about and names of other residents or their children.

If you receive an income, you must contribute to the accommodation costs.

The women's shelter is not purely a residential accommodation therefore by moving in, you are committing yourself to regular psychosocial counselling and professional support provided within the house.

Women's shelter
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Contact available 24/7

Phone: 06021-2445506021-24455


Counselling in English
Mo – Do 9:00 – 16:00h
Fr 9:00 – 13:00h

Help in other languages is offered by the nationwide hotline 24/7:
08000 116 01608000 116 016

Donation account women's shelter

IBAN: DE25 7955 0000 0012 4228 38
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