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PABaU- Pro Active Consulting on the Lower Main

The intervention centre PABaU -Pro Aktive Beratung am Untermain offers an initial consultation for female victims of domestic violence who are or have been in contact with the police.

If the police have been called because of a domestic violence attack, both victims and perpetrators are referred to the "Domestic Violence Processing Department" of the police force. In addition to police legal advice, outpatient and inpatient help services are also located there.

The offer of the intervention centres is only possible through the direct mediation of the police.

The Pro Active Counselling aims to reach women, particularly those, who for various reasons are not capable of visiting a counselling centre themselves.

In these cases, the intervention centre can approach those seeking help, visit them in their immediate living environment and, if necessary, advise them on the spot about their options for protecting themselves against further assaults. The intervention centre also has its own consultation rooms in the city centre of Aschaffenburg.

The PABaU counselling centre works for residents of the city of Aschaffenburg, the district of Miltenberg and the district of Aschaffenburg. Counselling is provided by a social worker.

Intervention Agency PABaU

Pro Active Advice am Untermain
Fax: 06021-58 25 56
Postfach 100309
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